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  • We focus on Time-to-Market & Value delivery in building world class software on Cloud and On-Prem software development.

Accelerate you DevOps transformation with the help of Conrelv

DevOps was essentially born from this increasing popularity of agile development. Agile and DevOps are similar, but differ in a few important aspects. Agile represents a change in thinking, whereas DevOps actually implements organizational cultural change.

CONRELV focuses on "Time to Market" & Value delivery in building world class software on Cloud and On-Prem software development. Our experts have immense experience in executing large/small scale and long/short term projects and end to end Agile and DevOps processes.

With our experience we will help clients to concentrate of continuous evaluation of large-scale projects and define DevOps model and setup continuous execution and delivery model.

We are experts in setting up ALM practice for continuous execution and delivery, also experts in Application Performance Management.

Our DevOps Model

A successful transformation starts with a culture that breaks down traditional development/operations silos, promotes communication between everyone involved in delivering applications, and emphasizes constant process and product improvement.


Treating infrastructure as code (using tools like Chef, Windows PowerShell® DSC, StatsD/Graphite, Logstash, and Github) helps make operations a seamless fabric.


Continuously monitoring applications and environments iteratively improves code and processes. Constant improvement is central to DevOps, and you can't improve what you can't measure.


Combining siloed teams helps eliminate the pursuit of different-and often conflicting-goals and metrics. Sharing ideas and improvements, no matter where they originate, creates a vital feedback loop for the entire app delivery process.