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  • Together, we’ll make your application portfolio future-proof and an engine for business growth.
IT Transforming Consulting

We partner with you to immediately translate IT savings into business advantage—bringing our deep industry knowledge, intelligent insights and practical innovations to help you scale, flex and respond more quickly to your business challenges—and opportunities.

The results? Stabilized applications and reduced costs from 20 to 50 percent, optimized operations and maximized business value.

Together, we’ll make your application portfolio tomorrow-proof and an engine for business growth.

How We Do IT
Our technology advisory services will help transform your business through the management and implementation of new apps, platforms, architecture and tech. We’ll partner with you to determine the right combination of technologies for your business—from the tech that exists today to the emerging tech of tomorrow.
As technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to have an innovation advisor on your side. Whether it’s time to create a new vision or put one into place, we can help you uncover the best tech to solve your toughest business problems–no matter the industry.
New IT
Rotating rapidly to "new" IT is no longer an option— it’s a must. With the unceasing emergence of new technologies, IT departments face incredible pressure. Technology is moving rapidly from an enabler of business value to becoming in many ways the source of value, itself.
Pivoting decisively to the new IT is, therefore, a business imperative. Enterprises need to change both their technology and culture at pace. This ability will be essential not only for surviving in a time of unprecedented business disruption, but it will also be key to building business models that are agile, adaptable and designed to thrive long into the future.

We count Value-Additions in consulting engagements

CONRELV Consulting provides best-in-class knowledge, innovation and services to help global enterprises successfully transform the way they do business.

Our team helps organizations thrive in the digital era, through a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions that enable business transformation, improve business efficiency and enhance IT efficacy.

CONRELV ’s IT Transformation Consulting Service addresses all aspects of IT transformation, from strategy through execution, offering clients a new way of thinking about and delivering IT services that allows their organization to respond to change with grace. By establishing an iterative cadence of technological modernization, process standardization, and mindset changes in support of business agility, flexibility, and innovation, companies can eliminate organizational silos, reduce cost and cycle time, elevate quality, and sustainably increase adaptability and value.

Key areas of focus include:
  • Charting a transition roadmap that aligns your technology strategy, execution, and metrics to your business goals
  • Developing a lean IT management approach through maximizing the use of your IT resources
  • Increasing your IT value generation model by incorporating the latest technology trends
Our Consulting Capabilities


We work with clients to help them gain early access to the latest trends and technologies

New IT Assessment

We help our clients in assesing new products and technologies.

Proof of Concept

We narrow down the amount of suitable solutions are generally creating POCs showing the general features and UX of the software.


We Blueprint the major software solutions to help our clients plan the application deliveries better.

Technology Evaluations

CONRELV uses the hierarchical, weighted evaluation model to ensure comprehensive software evaluation process.

Analysis and Design

We use Design Thinking and Prime Value Chain Analysis to simplify experiences and drive outcomes.

Solutions Architecture

We can help you plan and deliver a technology architecture that guides custom software implementation, COTS and integration of multiple systems to maximize scalability and performance.

Complex Program Mgmt

Our comprehensive services for program, project and service management span the application lifecycle to drive high quality and predictable outcomes for our clients.

Technology Change Mgmt

CONRELV is a global leader in providing innovative solutions that help companies deal with the implications and impacts of change on their people and organization, and on their growth and business strategies.