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  • Our certified architects consistently innovate on identifying best tools and platforms to build cloud software solutions.
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CONRELV has huge experience in building cloud software solutions, our certified architects consistently innovate on identifying best tools and platforms to build cloud software solutions, we built strong experience and relationships with Cloud partners and well hands-on experience in SaaS, Micro Services on the Cloud, Cloud DevOps, and API platforms on AWS, Azure and HCP (HANA Cloud Platform).

Over last 5 years we are building scalable Mobile Services, Web Apps development, API development keeping focus on Performance, Scalability, Time2Market, and security.

Transition to the Cloud

Many cloud adoption challenges are unknown due to the fact that cloud technology is still in its relative infancy. CIOs are challenged deciding on the best way to transition to the cloud and finding a cloud solution that meets the aims of the businesses, whilst improving efficiencies.

Although transitioning to the cloud is a complex and involved process, there isn’t one route to success. CIOs must ensure that the proposed solution compliments their business model. There are various ways businesses can transition to the cloud. Whether it’s via private, public or hybrid technologies, identifying the right service model for your business is a vital step.

Conrelv Analyzes the following in Transition to the cloud

  • Success Criteria : what defines the success in transition to the cloud
  • Solution feasibility : not any cloud is a solution for business
  • Security : Take all security measures.
  • ROI : Calculate long term and short returns
  • Speed of Solutions : how fast the solution can be delivered to quick business value
  • Architecture and Integration Challenges : On-Prem Integrations throws
    challenges in Performance and Security

Developing Cloud based Applications

Cloud applications are best deployed as a collection of cloud services, or APIs. You build up from the data to the services and then combine those services into composite services or complete composite applications.

When developing an application architecture for the cloud, you deal with complex distributed systems that can take advantage of loosely coupled applications built on many services that can also be decoupled from the data. You can separate the application services physically, executing on the proper machine instances, and service/API managers and governance technology that provide services directories can help track the many services that make up your application.

Keeping complex and distributed system in mind Conrelv suggests to implement Micro Services architectures for scalability and decoupling complexity.